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8PCS Glass Nail List price File Senignol Year-end gift Case Crystal Files with Kit

8PCS Glass Nail File, Senignol Crystal Nail Files Kit with Case,


8PCS Glass Nail File, Senignol Crystal Nail Files Kit with Case,


Product Description

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Senignol 500Pcs Full Cover Nails Tips Senignol Nail Polish Remover Tools Kit Senignol Pink Nail Drill Machine Senignol 54W UV LED Nail Lamp Senignol Nail Art Liner Brush Senignol Glass Nail Files Kit

Why Choose Senignol

Safety and all ages- They have no sharp edges and are ideal nail care tools for women, men, children and salon professionals.

Feels great on your nails!- Say goodbye to uncomfortable scraping or 'nails on chalkboard' sensation that is common when using typical nail files.

Durable amp; Long-Lasting-A high quality nail file that maintains the integrity of the surface of the file after repeated use. They do not corrode, rust, rot or become unhygienic like other files, which should be discarded after a few uses.

Easy Clean amp; Light weight- Simply rinse the abrasive surface under cool running water. Small size does not occupy space, easy to store,The thickened material is durable. Crystal nail files can be washed repeatedly and used more environmentally.


Ideal for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays and anniversaries, this file is the perfect gift for any occasion.


Durable amp; Long-Lasting

Colorful handmade glass nail file made of sturdy high quality glass, tempered (toughened) to ensure the glass is strong, wear-resistant amp; retains the integrity of the filing surface after multiple uses. Not only for fingernails but also for toenails.

Improve Nail Health amp; Strength

This glass nail file is the ideal tool to improve the health and strength of your nails. Regular long-term use strengthens and hardens your nails, allowing you to grow and maintain long, healthy and beautiful nails.

Smooth Gentle Feeling

Ordinary nail files can shred amp; damage the keratin layers of your nails. This natural glass nail file has no jagged edges and gently polishes the nails to keep your nails trim and beautifully shaped. Leaving nails smooth amp; healthy.


Hygienic amp; Safe

They do not corrode, rust, deform, rot or become unsanitary like other documents. They can be rinsed with water after use and are very easy to clean. They are an ideal nail care tool for women, men, children amp; salon professionals.

Travel Size

Our Senignol glass nail files are the small and compact for you to take with you anywhere! Our slim and sassy fingernail files measure 5.5 inches long and are ready to work. Plus, each glass nail file is equipped with a protective bag to prevent scratching the handbag.

Easy to Carry

The sophisticated design design makes is easy for you to keep in your purse, backpack, pocket. It will be ready for you to use in a moment of crisis. And might we add that they work great for natural, acrylic, and even gel nails!

Package includes:

2x Buffing nail file

6 x Glass nail files

6 x Protective hard cases


Weight: 12g

Material: crystal glass

Size: approx. 9 x 1 x 0.3 cm

Abrasive Surface: double-sided

Storage case: approx.5.9 x 0.6 x 0.31 inches Color: red, yellow, purple, green, blue and pink

Quantity: 8 pieces in total, 6 pieces of glass nail file, 2 pieces of buffing nail file

8PCS Glass Nail File, Senignol Crystal Nail Files Kit with Case,

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