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Researchers in the Spotlight

Researchers in many disciplines are doing exciting work on topics related to needs and needs assessment. You will find most of them listed, along with some of their exemplar contributions, here.

On this page we will highlight, in more detail, some of the excellent researchers around the world who are studying different aspects of needs and needs assessment.

Jolanta Kavale | more to come...

Jolanta Kavale

Research Focus: Needs Assessment for Human and Organizational Development, Career as Human Accomplishment

Research Description: Proper and timely application of needs assessment becomes an indispensable part of improving the capabilities and ensuring accomplishments both for people as well as organizations. However, there are conflicting approaches towards understanding of needs and how they should be assessed. This leads to misinterpretation and ambiguous understanding of needs in scientific research. My academic and professional interest is related to the (re)conceptualization of needs as well as needs assessment as the interdisciplinary field, with particular focus on how properly designed and justified needs assessment influences the creation of new capabilities and accomplishments in people and organizations for our further development. Another area of research includes rethinking of human careers as human accomplishments with normative ethical implications to create conditions not only for jobs but to provide people with a chance to accomplish what they and others around them find worthy. Peoples’ needs related to their career building according to such approach would be justified as their needs to accomplish.

Recent Publications:
Kavale, J. (2012). Needs and Needs Assessment in Career Guidance and Counselling: Lack of Scientific Exploration and Justification? Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning. 1(1). pp. 28-35.

Institution: Student at the Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany, graduate of the Research School Education and Capabilities

Professional Affiliation: Founder and director of non-profit organization “SoNAR” (Society of Needs and Accomplishments Research)

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