SGS Certified RANDY SUN Breathable Unisex Max 43% OFF Hiking Waterproof $14 [SGS Certified] RANDY SUN Unisex Waterproof Breathable Hiking/ Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Unisex,Waterproof,Certified],Breathable,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/magnetotherapy694518.html,$14,SUN,RANDY,[SGS,,Hiking/ SGS Certified RANDY SUN Breathable Unisex Max 43% OFF Hiking Waterproof Unisex,Waterproof,Certified],Breathable,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/magnetotherapy694518.html,$14,SUN,RANDY,[SGS,,Hiking/ $14 [SGS Certified] RANDY SUN Unisex Waterproof Breathable Hiking/ Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

SGS Certified RANDY SUN 2021 Breathable Unisex Max 43% OFF Hiking Waterproof

[SGS Certified] RANDY SUN Unisex Waterproof Breathable Hiking/


[SGS Certified] RANDY SUN Unisex Waterproof Breathable Hiking/

Product Description

RANDY SUN Men's and Women's Mid-Calf and Ankle Waterproof amp; Highly Breathable Socks Athletic Socks.

Some items in this listing are 1-PAIR and some items are 2-PAIRs, pls see the color name for the detail information

The waterproof socks can make your feet enjoy freedom of movement all the time, and it is not only wind proof and water proof but also highly moisture and perspiration permeable. Its special three layer design ingeniously solved the contradiction between water proofing property and air permeability.

The strong adhesive three layers structure can prevent the external water molecules into socks, meanwhile spread feet sweat during the movement quickly to the outside of the socks. Even in mountain climbing, hiking, running, outdoor cycling, water sports, snow sports, adventure, hunting, fishing, outdoor gardening and so on all kinds of bad environment, it could still keep your feet dry and comfortable.

RANDY SUN Men's and Women's Mid-Calf and Ankle Waterproof amp; Highly Breathable Socks Athletic Socks.

Christmas waterproof breathable sprcial hiking climbing warm socks

One of the top choices ——for outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel as well as postal clerks

Our waterproof and breathable socks are the first choice for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as military personnel, postal personnel, even some special outdoor operation of protective equipment. Its appearance is exactly the same as ordinary socks. 100% seamless, comfortable, dry and warm, so it also can be used for daily wearing, change daily beriberi due to the foot sweat and cold fed caused by bad warmth retention property footwear and so on all kinds of discomfort.

Weight: the Mid-Calf socks(Size M) is 4.23 ounces one pair.

Welcome to RANDY SUN and we would do our best to help you find what you need.

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Size XS/S/M/L M/L One Size XS/S/M/L XS/S/ M/L M/L
Length Ankle/Low Cut Mid Calf Ankle

[SGS Certified] RANDY SUN Unisex Waterproof Breathable Hiking/

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