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2 Pcs Silicone Max 73% OFF Face shopping Mask Mud Brush Applica Flexible Facial

2 Pcs Silicone Face Mask Brush, Flexible Facial Mud Mask Applica


2 Pcs Silicone Face Mask Brush, Flexible Facial Mud Mask Applica

Product description

2 silicone facial mask brushes included in the package.

Silicone brush: 5.5 inches.

Silicone facial mask brush, suitable for facial mask, mud mask, body lotion, butter, etc.

Super soft and bendable, it's easy to spread an even layer of mask onto your face.

If you use a mud, clay or charcoal mixed mask, this is a must.

Before each use, please wash this silicone mask brush to protect your skin.

2 Pcs Silicone Face Mask Brush, Flexible Facial Mud Mask Applica

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