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Disc Lock Alarm with 5FT 110db Cable Anti-Theft Max 90% OFF Surprise price Reminder AGPTEK

Disc Lock Alarm with 5FT Reminder Cable, AGPTEK 110db Anti-Theft


Disc Lock Alarm with 5FT Reminder Cable, AGPTEK 110db Anti-Theft

Product Description


Looking for a solid and reliable lock for your vehicle?

AGPTEK Disc Padlock made of high-quality aluminum alloy, more robust.

With a high decibel alarm to help protect your vehicle.


  • Alarm Decibels: 110db
  • Material: Aluminoum alloy
  • Battery Type: 6 * Button Battery (Built-in)

Disc Lock Alarm with 5FT Reminder Cable, AGPTEK 110db Anti-Theft

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