wesharescience.com,Plate,Sony,VK5-S,$311,Electronics , Camera Photo,5.6",Ikan,with,Battery,/madeline578278.html,HDMI,Monitor Ikan VK5-S 5.6" HDMI Sales of SALE items from new works Monitor with Battery Plate Sony $311 Ikan VK5-S 5.6" HDMI Monitor with Sony Battery Plate Electronics Camera Photo Ikan VK5-S 5.6" HDMI Sales of SALE items from new works Monitor with Battery Plate Sony wesharescience.com,Plate,Sony,VK5-S,$311,Electronics , Camera Photo,5.6",Ikan,with,Battery,/madeline578278.html,HDMI,Monitor $311 Ikan VK5-S 5.6" HDMI Monitor with Sony Battery Plate Electronics Camera Photo

Ikan VK5-S 5.6

Ikan VK5-S 5.6" HDMI Monitor with Sony Battery Plate


Ikan VK5-S 5.6" HDMI Monitor with Sony Battery Plate

Product description

Big things come in small packages and fortunately for all of us small prices too!!! The innovative VK5, with its single HDMI input is the perfect solution for your DSLR monitoring needs. With it’s multiple inputs, variable power options, durability and affordability, the ikan VK5 is a must have for your video arsenal. The VK5, like its predecessor the V5600, is a powerful production tool. The 5.6” diagonal screen is more than adequate size for framing and focusing, giving you the professional results you are looking for. With it’s stealth like design, DSLR scaling, Peaking, and False Color, the lightweight and portable ikan VK5, priced at $399.00, delivers all the features you need, at the price you want. The VK5 is available in a standard kit or in an optional deluxe kit the choice is yours.

Product description

Big things come in small packages and fortunately for all of us small prices too!!! The innovative VK5, with its single HDMI input is the perfect solution for your DSLR monitoring needs. With it’s multiple inputs, variable power options, durability and affordability, the ikan VK5 is a must have for your video arsenal. The VK5, like its predecessor the V5600, is a powerful production tool. The 5.6” diagonal screen is more than adequate size for framing and focusing, giving you the professional results you are looking for. With it’s stealth like design, DSLR scaling, Peaking, and False Color, the lightweight and portable ikan VK5, priced at $399.00, delivers all the features you need, at the price you want. The VK5 is available in a standard kit or in an optional deluxe kit the choice is yours.

Ikan VK5-S 5.6" HDMI Monitor with Sony Battery Plate

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