Vacuum Generating Head Ranking TOP20 15 HP 89cfm 55gal $691 Vacuum Generating Head, 15 HP, 55gal, 89cfm Industrial Scientific Janitorial Sanitation Supplies Vacuum Generating Head Ranking TOP20 15 HP 89cfm 55gal 89cfm,Industrial Scientific , Janitorial Sanitation Supplies,$691,15,Vacuum,55gal,,,/madeline182478.html,HP,,Head,,Generating $691 Vacuum Generating Head, 15 HP, 55gal, 89cfm Industrial Scientific Janitorial Sanitation Supplies 89cfm,Industrial Scientific , Janitorial Sanitation Supplies,$691,15,Vacuum,55gal,,,/madeline182478.html,HP,,Head,,Generating

Vacuum Generating Max 53% OFF Head Ranking TOP20 15 HP 89cfm 55gal

Vacuum Generating Head, 15 HP, 55gal, 89cfm


Vacuum Generating Head, 15 HP, 55gal, 89cfm

Product description

Pneumatic Vacuum Head, Static Water Lift 185 In., Air Flow 89 cfm, Minimum Air Compressor 15 HP, Air Requirements 68 cfm, Filter Type HEPA, Air Inlet 0.75 In., Vacuum Tank Capacity 55 gal., Tank Material Drum Sold Separately, Vacuum Hose Dia. 2 In., Vacuum Hose Length 20 ft., Horizontal Reach 20 ft., Sound Level dBA 102 dBA, Includes Standard Cartridge Filter, 12 In. W Metal Wet/Dry Floor Tool with 4 ft. Steel Wand, 24 In. L Metal Crevice Tool

Product description

Pneumatic Vacuum Head, Static Water Lift 185 In., Air Flow 89 cfm, Minimum Air Compressor 15 HP, Air Requirements 68 cfm, Filter Type HEPA, Air Inlet 0.75 In., Vacuum Tank Capacity 55 gal., Tank Material Drum Sold Separately, Vacuum Hose Dia. 2 In., Vacuum Hose Length 20 ft., Horizontal Reach 20 ft., Sound Level dBA 102 dBA, Includes Standard Cartridge Filter, 12 In. W Metal Wet/Dry Floor Tool with 4 ft. Steel Wand, 24 In. L Metal Crevice Tool

Vacuum Generating Head, 15 HP, 55gal, 89cfm

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