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Aubade Women's Triangle Plunge Bra


Aubade Women's Triangle Plunge Bra

Product description

Aubade Triangle plunge bra Art of Ink

Aubade 삼각형 플런지 브라 아트 오브 잉크

From the manufacturer


Aubade partnered with Dutch designers VIKTORamp;ROLF to create the most exclusive collection of the season. This very unconventional piece displays bow decorated cups and suggests a very flattering cleavage. Because bows are the central theme of this collection, it wouldn't be complete without a delicate satin bow at the center gore and on the straps, in the back.



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Description Triangle plunge in collaboration with Dutch designers VIKTORamp;ROLF, Exclusive collection in tulle with bow pattern, Satin bow at center gore, Adjustable double straps in the back with bow on the hooks Thong in collaboration with VIKTORamp;ROLF, Exclusive collection made in tulle with bows, Satin bows in the front and back, Subtle transparency in the front and opaque in the back, Elastic waistband for more support Smooth cup bra for an invisible wear even under tight clothes, Small satin bows at the center gore and on the straps, Adjustable straps Low rise Italian brief made in tulle with flower embroideries, Sexy lacing with satin bow in the back, Covering cut on the buttock and high rise cut on the thighs Tulle bra with flower embroideries and shiny details, Golden pearls on the straps and at the center gore, Adjustable spaghetti straps Low rise mini-coeur brief with flower embroideries and shiny details, Sexy lacing with pearls in the back, Covering cut on the buttock and high rise cut on the thighs
ROMANCE D'ÉTÉ 3/4 Cup Bra ROMANCE D'ÉTÉ Thong DOUCEUR DE RÊVE Molded Plunge Bikini Top DOUCEUR DE RÊVE High Waist Bikini Bottom SOIE D'AMOUR Nightie BOÎTE A DESIR Bra and G-String
Description 3/4 cup bra in flower embroidered tulle, Elegant red lacing at the center gore, Ajustable lace embellished straps Elegant and comfortable low rise thong, Play of transparency, Flower embroidered tulle in the front, Satin bow in the back Deep molded plunge bikini top, Straps to be tied around the neck, Aubade branded back clip, Stretchy mesh High waist brief, Possibility to be worn as high waist or low rise, Covering cut on the buttock, Stretchy mesh Light and elegant short nightie made in silk with delicate lace on the V-neck, Adjustable straps, Delicate lace on the lower border, Light and feminine piece Dotted Swiss tulle set, Triangle cup bra, Back and neck hooks, Adjustable G-String thanks to side rings

Aubade Women's Triangle Plunge Bra

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