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fohuas Compatible 35% OFF Apple Tucson Mall Watch Case Protector Series Screen with

fohuas Compatible Apple Watch Case with Screen Protector Series


fohuas Compatible Apple Watch Case with Screen Protector Series

Product Description

rose gold silver case rose gold band White pearl bracelet Apple watch
38/42mm Apple watch Case 40/44mm Apple watch Case Rose Gold pearl braclet White pearl bracelet Elastic beaded band for apple watch
Full Protection

Full Protection

A apple watch Are Too Expensive To Take Risk Without A Protective Cover On.Do you worry about it?

Our Protector Bears Everything You Need In A Case! This newly aluminum protective cases screen protector was design in a all-around neatly fitted protective way.

Kindly note

* 1. This iwatch cover with screen protector is specially designed for apple watch series 3 2 1 .

* 2. For more HD clarity, kindly cleaning the the watch screen surface before installation.

* 3. The screen protector can be repeated clean for more clarity and long-term use.

Package included:

1. Apple watch case with screen protector.

2. Apple watch and watch band are not included.

fohuas Compatible Apple Watch Case with Screen Protector Series

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