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3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable(3 ft), Nylon-Brai


Product Description

3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable(3 ft), Nylon-Brai

Welcome To Learn English!

This site provides a large collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources for students, teachers, learners and academics. Browse all the pages and find useful links and plenty of information.

Did you realize that over a two billion people in the world now speak this language? This figure is ever growing. It is the language of globalization. It's the language of international business and politics. It is the primary language used for most computers and for the inner workings of the Internet.

It is the dominant international language in communications, science, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy. It is an important tool for operating on the world stage. The ability to speak and understand this language is mandatory in certain fields, professions and occupations. In fact, it is so widely spoken. It is referred to as the lingua franca of the modern era.

Given that this language has acquired its world-wide reputation due to globalized power relations, many companies and governments will obviously see the advantage of hiring non-native speakers of the this language. The future is in your hands and the future demands a firm command of this language.

There is no need for you, the student community, to rush through the sections. Take your own time and follow the TORTOISE method so that learning English will be a matter of fun.

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