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Koolehaoda Professional Camera Aluminium Monopod Fluid Video Hea


Koolehaoda Professional Camera Aluminium Monopod Fluid Video Hea

Product description


* 360 ° horizontal rotation panoramic head. Tilt Control Angle: -85°/+90° * The screw on the pan head : 1/4" * The screw at the bottom of the pan head is: 3/8" * The thread at the bottom of the monopod is: 3/8" * Easy to travel with and use spontaneously * Removable feet nails, 3 / 8- screw . Specifications: Material : Aluminum Max Height: 163cm ( 64'' ) Folded Length: 62 cm ( 24'' ) Number of Leg Sections: 4 Legs diameter :Φ31,Φ28,Φ25,Φ22mm monopod With Tripod holder Net weight: 1.32kg Maximum Load: 6kg A2 Three feet support stand Expand Size: :28*28*28CM packing list: koolehaoda monopod x 1 Fluid Pan Head x 1 A2 Three feet support stand x 1 Monopod bag x 1

Product description


* 360 ° horizontal rotation panoramic head. Tilt Control Angle: -85°/+90° * The screw on the pan head : 1/4" * The screw at the bottom of the pan head is: 3/8" * The thread at the bottom of the monopod is: 3/8" * Easy to travel with and use spontaneously * Removable feet nails, 3 / 8- screw . Specifications: Material : Aluminum Max Height: 163cm ( 64'' ) Folded Length: 62 cm ( 24'' ) Number of Leg Sections: 4 Legs diameter :Φ31,Φ28,Φ25,Φ22mm monopod With Tripod holder Net weight: 1.32kg Maximum Load: 6kg A2 Three feet support stand Expand Size: :28*28*28CM packing list: koolehaoda monopod x 1 Fluid Pan Head x 1 A2 Three feet support stand x 1 Monopod bag x 1

Koolehaoda Professional Camera Aluminium Monopod Fluid Video Hea

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