Andobil,,Mount,,Magnetic,Car,$16,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Hold,Strong,Magnet,Phone,Super,Phone,/cycle933007.html $16 Andobil Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Super Strong Magnet Phone Hold Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Andobil,,Mount,,Magnetic,Car,$16,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Hold,Strong,Magnet,Phone,Super,Phone,/cycle933007.html $16 Andobil Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Super Strong Magnet Phone Hold Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Andobil Magnetic Phone Car Mount Super Strong Excellence Magnet Hold Andobil Magnetic Phone Car Mount Super Strong Excellence Magnet Hold

Andobil Magnetic Phone Car Mount Super Strong Excellence Sacramento Mall Magnet Hold

Andobil Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Super Strong Magnet Phone Hold


Andobil Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Super Strong Magnet Phone Hold

Product Description

car phone mount
phone car holder

Phone Compatibility - No Limits

· Compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro Max/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/ X/ XS/ XR/ XS MAX/ 8/ 8 plus/ 7/ 7 plus/ 6/ 6s/ 6 plus/ se/ More;

· Compatible with Samsung Note10/ Note10 Plus/ Galaxy S10/ S10+/ S10e/ S9/ S9+/ S8/ S7/ S6/ S5/ Note 9/8/7/5/ More;

· Compatible with LG V20/ V30/ V40/ V50/ G7/ G8/ Stylo/ More;

· Compatible with Google Nexus/ Pixel 3/ 3xl/ 4/ 4xl/ More;

· Compatible with Huawei/ Motorola/ Nokia / Sony/ OnePlus/ and More Brands.

Tips for the dashboard adhesive pad:

The dashboard pad is for One-Time use. Once installed, it would steadily adhere to you dashboard..

We do Not recommend it for soft/ curved/ leather/ wood/ plush fabrics/ filmed glass surfaces.

Before mounting the suction cup, please let the pad sit for 24 hours.

Does it support your car models?

Fit with all cars/SUVs/trucks cupholder, such as Ram 1500 | Ford F150/Ranger | Chevrolet Silverado | GMC Canyon | Toyota Camry/Avalon/RAV4 | Honda Accord/Civic/CRV/Ridgeline | Mercedes-Benz E-Class/GLE and more.

Andobil Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Super Strong Magnet Phone Hold

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    why crush my game (csgo) and it doesn t work..? someone can help me ?  

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