Car,$11,Smartp,Arm,/cycle552207.html,Dashboard,Black,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,,A016:,Universal,Magnetic,CONNEKTO $11 CONNEKTO Magnetic Car Dashboard Arm A016: Universal Black Smartp Cell Phones Accessories Accessories CONNEKTO Magnetic Car Dashboard Arm Universal Black Smartp Credence A016: $11 CONNEKTO Magnetic Car Dashboard Arm A016: Universal Black Smartp Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Car,$11,Smartp,Arm,/cycle552207.html,Dashboard,Black,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,,A016:,Universal,Magnetic,CONNEKTO CONNEKTO Magnetic Car Dashboard Arm Universal Black Smartp Credence A016:

CONNEKTO Magnetic Car Dashboard Arm Universal Black Smartp Credence A016: Over item handling

CONNEKTO Magnetic Car Dashboard Arm A016: Universal Black Smartp


CONNEKTO Magnetic Car Dashboard Arm A016: Universal Black Smartp

Product description

Color:Model A016


A rotatable phone mount that sticks on your car’s dash.


COMPLETE – Magnetic Dash Mount with 2 Metal Plates
UNIVERSAL – For Androids, iPhone, or GPS devices
ADAPTABLE – Reusable powerful sticky gel pad
EASY INSTALL – Snap locks in place
SECURE – Strong magnet with no need for a cradle
– One-touch activation

CONNEKTO Magnetic Car Dashboard Arm A016: Universal Black Smartp

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    why crush my game (csgo) and it doesn t work..? someone can help me ?  

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