$78,Castelli,/cultual552339.html,wesharescience.com,Bibshort,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Unlimited,Women's Castelli Women's unisex Unlimited Bibshort $78 Castelli Women's Unlimited Bibshort Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $78,Castelli,/cultual552339.html,wesharescience.com,Bibshort,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Unlimited,Women's Castelli Women's unisex Unlimited Bibshort $78 Castelli Women's Unlimited Bibshort Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Castelli Women's unisex Unlimited Bibshort Ranking TOP18

Castelli Women's Unlimited Bibshort


Castelli Women's Unlimited Bibshort

Product description

DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF We made this short to meet Castelli's high standards for comfort and performance in a cycling short while adding a few extra features that come in handy for riding on any surface. You'll find our normal exceptional fit as well as the Progetto X2 Air Seamless Donna seat pad, which provides generous anatomically placed padding with an exceptionally soft top layer. What makes this short special is the extremely durable Unlimited Lycra fabric. It has higher abrasion resistance and tear resistance while not compromising on stretch, moisture management or comfort. In addition, we use double-layer side panels for the old track rider's trick of fabric-sliding-on-fabric should you fall. This short isn't really meant to be indestructible, but it significantly increases the chances that sliding out on gravel will mean you need to just brush yourself off rather than having to buy a new pair of shorts. That second layer on the side panel also makes for convenient side pockets, with a flap over the top to prevent the contents from falling out. For added convenience while riding on and off road, you have two mesh pockets on the lower back that compress gear next to your body to keep it from bouncing around. This short adds durability and storage without compromising comfort — for unlimited amounts of fun.

Castelli Women's Unlimited Bibshort

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