Tracking Holder Smart -NO 355° APP Auto-Face Max 74% OFF Required- Tracking Holder Smart -NO 355° APP Auto-Face Max 74% OFF Required- $27,Holder,Tracking,/cultual434539.html,APP,Smart,Required-,,Tracking,-NO,355°,Auto-Face,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories $27 Tracking Holder Smart -NO APP Required- 355° Auto-Face Tracking Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $27 Tracking Holder Smart -NO APP Required- 355° Auto-Face Tracking Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $27,Holder,Tracking,/cultual434539.html,APP,Smart,Required-,,Tracking,-NO,355°,Auto-Face,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories

Tracking Max 88% OFF Holder Smart -NO 355° APP Auto-Face Max 74% OFF Required-

Tracking Holder Smart -NO APP Required- 355° Auto-Face Tracking


Tracking Holder Smart -NO APP Required- 355° Auto-Face Tracking

Product Description


Looking for a convenient and automatic selfie stick to help you capture your special moments?

With the built-in smart tracking system, you don't need to install any software or establish any Bluetooth connection to use this selfie stand. All you need to do is mount the cellphone, tablet, or camera in the holder and press the record button, and it is ready to follow you automatically.


355° Rotation Auto Face Tracking Camera Mount Holder = Face Tracking And Intelligent Shooting + Object Tracking,Intelligent Tracking

Facial followering

"The intelligent tracking AI camera adopts the face + human shape tracking algorithm,

which automatically recognizes and tracks the face. It will follow wherever you go.

And make you always appear in the middle position every second."


Important Pay more attention:

1. No APP Required - Thanks to the built-in smart tracking system, our smart shooting camera holder doesn’t need you to download any app or establish a Bluetooth connection. There’s no need to worry if your system supports the device or not.

2. 355° Auto-rotation and AI lens, can automatically recognize the person/pet.Support tracking and shooting after detecting a human figure.

3. Our smart tracking camera holder will save you so much trouble. Simply mount the cellphone, tablet, or camera in the holder and press the power button, and it is ready to follow you automatically.

4. Support 3 AA batteries, support mobile power supply, easy to carry.( last up to about 18 hours)

5. Reminder: Please make sure to mount the devices tightly before use in case of falling.


No APP required/No system required/Built-in smart tracking system/Mount and play/Auto Face tracking/355° Rotation/USB-rechargeable/Lightweight and portable

***Package Includes:

1* Auto Face Camera/1* User Manual/1* fine Package (Ideal for Gifts)


Shooting a Wonderful Moment and Captures Memories for Life


Tracking Holder Smart -NO APP Required- 355° Auto-Face Tracking

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