and,Hair,Removal,2,Women,for,Hangsun,Wet,F270,Epilator,$21,Beauty Personal Care , Shave Hair Removal,Kit,,Dry,/cultual235239.html, Hangsun Epilator for Women F270 Wet Dry Max 87% OFF and Kit Hair 2 Removal Hangsun Epilator for Women F270 Wet Dry Max 87% OFF and Kit Hair 2 Removal $21 Hangsun Epilator for Women F270 Wet and Dry Hair Removal Kit, 2 Beauty Personal Care Shave Hair Removal and,Hair,Removal,2,Women,for,Hangsun,Wet,F270,Epilator,$21,Beauty Personal Care , Shave Hair Removal,Kit,,Dry,/cultual235239.html, $21 Hangsun Epilator for Women F270 Wet and Dry Hair Removal Kit, 2 Beauty Personal Care Shave Hair Removal

Hangsun Epilator for Women F270 Wet Dry Award-winning store Max 87% OFF and Kit Hair 2 Removal

Hangsun Epilator for Women F270 Wet and Dry Hair Removal Kit, 2


Hangsun Epilator for Women F270 Wet and Dry Hair Removal Kit, 2


Product Description

F230 F130 f100 270
Epilator F230 Facial Hair Removal F130 Facial Hair Removal F100 Wetamp;Dry Epilator F270 PRO
Facial Shaver Head
Epilator Head
Precision Shaver
Eyebrow Trimmer Head
Removes Hair As Short As 0.5mm
Wet and Dry
Speeds 2 1 1 2
Recommended Body Area Face, legs, arms, armpit Face, legs, arms, armpit, bikini area Face Legs, face, arms, armpit
Power Supply 90min fast charging 1*AA battery 1*AA battery 90min fast charging

Hangsun Epilator for Women F270 Wet and Dry Hair Removal Kit, 2

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