$4 Antrader 2pcs RF Coaxial Coax Assembly SMA Male to SMA Male Exte Electronics Accessories Supplies $4 Antrader 2pcs RF Coaxial Coax Assembly SMA Male to SMA Male Exte Electronics Accessories Supplies Fashionable Antrader 2pcs RF Coaxial Coax SMA Male to Exte Assembly Fashionable Antrader 2pcs RF Coaxial Coax SMA Male to Exte Assembly RF,Antrader,SMA,wesharescience.com,Coax,Exte,Male,Coaxial,2pcs,/crucifixion845089.html,$4,Assembly,SMA,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Male,to RF,Antrader,SMA,wesharescience.com,Coax,Exte,Male,Coaxial,2pcs,/crucifixion845089.html,$4,Assembly,SMA,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Male,to

Fashionable Antrader 2pcs RF Coaxial Ranking TOP15 Coax SMA Male to Exte Assembly

Antrader 2pcs RF Coaxial Coax Assembly SMA Male to SMA Male Exte


Antrader 2pcs RF Coaxial Coax Assembly SMA Male to SMA Male Exte

Product description

Size:20CM/8 Inch

The Best Product to Save Your Time and Money!

Adapter: SMA Male to SMA Male
Name: RF Coaxial Wire Jumper
Type: Patch Cord, Refit Cable, Wire Jumper
Material: Copper
Cable Type: RG316 High Temperature Cable
Length: 20cm/8 Inch
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Operating Temperature : -40°C ~ +85°C
Applications: Router, antenna, signal enhancer, wireless adapter etc.

?Package Include:
2pcs x RG316 SMA Male to SMA Male Adapter with Cable

?QUALITY GUARANTEE: If there is any quality problem, please feel free to contact us. Refund or Replacement for any quality problem.

Antrader 2pcs RF Coaxial Coax Assembly SMA Male to SMA Male Exte

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