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adidas Unisex-Child Duramo 9 Running Shoe, Royal Blue/Black/Sign


adidas Unisex-Child Duramo 9 Running Shoe, Royal Blue/Black/Sign

Product description

Running shoes that offer lasting comfort for kids with boundless energy. These shoes have a mesh upper for lightweight breathability and a durable outsole for lasting grip and traction. The seamless print overlays add support so they stride with confidence.

adidas Unisex-Child Duramo 9 Running Shoe, Royal Blue/Black/Sign

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Scientific Data for Research






Sea Ice


Ice Shelves


Soil Moisture


Frozen Ground

Advancing knowledge of Earth's frozen regions

NSIDC manages and distributes scientific data, creates tools for data access, supports data users, performs scientific research, and educates the public about the cryosphere.

Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis

Scientific analysis of Arctic sea ice conditions plus daily images

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Working together to understand the changing Arctic system

Snow Today

Scientific analysis of snow conditions in the Western United States plus daily images


NASA Earth science data on snow, ice, cryosphere, and climate

Visit the Cryosphere

Facts, photos and educational resources about Earth's frozen regions

Greenland Today

Daily surface melt images from NASA data, and scientific analysis


22 September 2021

Arctic sea ice has likely reached its minimum extent for the year, at 4.72 million square kilometers (1.82 million square miles) on September 16, 2021, according to scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado Boulder. The 2021 minimum is the twelfth lowest in the nearly 43-year satellite record. The last 15 years are the lowest 15 sea ice extents in the satellite record. 

14 September 2021

Each September, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado Boulder informs the public of the annual Arctic sea ice minimum extent, an indicator of how climate change is affecting the Arctic, the fastest-warming region of the globe.

Scientists at Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, the Arizona Geological Survey at the University of Arizona, and the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado Boulder have been awarded almost $2 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a virtual reality teaching tool called Polar Explorer.

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The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) announced this week their participation in the 50x30 Coalition, a group of governments and cryosphere and emissions research institutions endorsing the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50 percent by 2030. The Coalition’s founding members endorse the scientific consensus that failure to reach this milestone will result in temperature “overshoot,” in which emissions remain too high to hold Earth within 1.5 degrees Celsius of pre-industrial levels, leading to major and irreversible damages to the environment. Damage may be especially harmful for highly temperature-sensitive frozen components of the Earth system, with impacts ranging from sea level rise to infrastructure damage to food insecurity.

Arctic sea ice has likely reached its maximum extent for the year, at 14.77 million square kilometers (5.70 million square miles) on March 21, 2021, according to scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado Boulder. The 2021 maximum is tied with 2007 for seventh lowest in the 43-year satellite record. 


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