$0 AV Access HDMI 2.0 ARC Extender (HDBaesT), [email protected] 4:4:4 HDR10 3 Electronics Computers Accessories Spring new work one after another AV Access HDMI 2.0 ARC Extender [email protected] 3 HDBaesT HDR10 4:4:4 Spring new work one after another AV Access HDMI 2.0 ARC Extender [email protected] 3 HDBaesT HDR10 4:4:4 $0 AV Access HDMI 2.0 ARC Extender (HDBaesT), [email protected] 4:4:4 HDR10 3 Electronics Computers Accessories AV,HDR10,ARC,$0,2.0,Electronics , Computers Accessories,3,[email protected],Access,Extender,4:4:4,HDMI,/capsulated431658.html,wesharescience.com,(HDBaesT), AV,HDR10,ARC,$0,2.0,Electronics , Computers Accessories,3,[email protected],Access,Extender,4:4:4,HDMI,/capsulated431658.html,wesharescience.com,(HDBaesT),

Spring new work one after another AV Access HDMI 2.0 ARC Extender Now free shipping 4K@60Hz 3 HDBaesT HDR10 4:4:4

AV Access HDMI 2.0 ARC Extender (HDBaesT), [email protected] 4:4:4 HDR10 3


AV Access HDMI 2.0 ARC Extender (HDBaesT), [email protected] 4:4:4 HDR10 3

Product Description



AV Access 4KEX70-ARC-H2 is an HDBaseT Extender. It supports [email protected] 4:4:4 with HDR and HDCP 2.2 compliant, offers the distribution of uncompressed UHD video, audio, power, and IR together.

Use Tips:

  • Only HDMI2.0 version or above has ARC function. HDMI 1.4 doesn't. So we recommend HDMI 2.0 cable.
  • If Your HDMI Source Device (like XBox, PS4) supports 4K, please use a HDMI 2.0 cable to connect 4K HDMI Source Device amp; HDMI switch amp; display, since HDMI 1.4 cable (or below HDMI 1.4) isn't enough to support the resolution of 4K (4096*2160).
  • AV Access 1M/ 2M/ 3M HDMI2.0 cable at fire-sale prices.
hdmi2.0 cable 4kex300-f 4KEX70-ARC-H2 4KCV-H2H
HDMI2.0 Cable 4KEX300-F 4KEX70-ARC-H2 4KCV-H2H
Supported Resolution [email protected] (4:4:4 8bit), [email protected] (4:2:0 10bit), [email protected], 3D [email protected] (4:4:4 8bit), [email protected] (4:2:0 10bit), [email protected], 3D [email protected] (4:4:4 8bit), [email protected] (4:2:0 10bit), [email protected], 3D [email protected] (4:4:4 8bit), [email protected] (4:2:0 10bit), [email protected], 3D
Transmission Range 1M/2M/3M 1000ft(300m):4K amp; 1080P 230ft (70m): 1080P. 130ft (40m): UHD [email protected] 4:4:4 HDMI Audio Extractor
IR Control Bi-Direction Bi-Direction
HDMI 2.0a 2.0a 2.0a 2.0a
HDCP 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2
POE No Bi-Direction
RS232 Yes Yes
HDR 4K60Hz 4K60Hz 4K60Hz 4K60Hz
ARC via HDMI Yes No Yes No
I / O HDMI to HDMI HDMI to HDMI + Spdif Passthrough HDMI to HDMI + Spdif+L/R

AV Access HDMI 2.0 ARC Extender (HDBaesT), [email protected] 4:4:4 HDR10 3

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Bridgeman Baptist Community Church

Bridgeman Baptist Community Church

379 Albany Creek Road, Bridgeman Downs (corner of Albany Creek Road and Bridgeman Road)
e. [email protected]
p. 3263 1950