$81 Nuragold 14k White Gold 1.5mm Rope Chain Diamond Cut Womens Ligh Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Nuragold 14k White Gold 1.5mm Rope Cut Ligh Now free shipping Diamond Chain Womens $81 Nuragold 14k White Gold 1.5mm Rope Chain Diamond Cut Womens Ligh Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Rope,Womens,14k,/bodock642272.html,Gold,Diamond,Chain,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,White,Ligh,Cut,$81,Nuragold,1.5mm,wesharescience.com Nuragold 14k White Gold 1.5mm Rope Cut Ligh Now free shipping Diamond Chain Womens Rope,Womens,14k,/bodock642272.html,Gold,Diamond,Chain,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,White,Ligh,Cut,$81,Nuragold,1.5mm,wesharescience.com

Nuragold 14k White Gold 1.5mm Rope Cut Ligh Now free shipping Diamond Chain Womens 5 ☆ very popular

Nuragold 14k White Gold 1.5mm Rope Chain Diamond Cut Womens Ligh


Nuragold 14k White Gold 1.5mm Rope Chain Diamond Cut Womens Ligh

Product description

Real Italian Gold
This chain necklace is Real 14k White Gold from Italy and stamped 14K. This chain necklace is not plated or filled. It is hypoallergenic and will not fade, discolor, or tarnish when exposed to water or skin.

Chain Specifications
This pure gold chain is handcrafted to be hollow to offer the same look and design as its solid counterpart but at a budget friendly price point. It secures with a durable 14k spring ring clasp. The chain has a width of 1.5mm, and is designed as a delicate, timeless piece for your jewelry collection.

Note: Product images are enlarged to show detail. Gram weights are an average production run and can vary +-5%

Quality and Versatility
The chain is high-quality in that it is meant to last a lifetime with proper care. The plumb quality gold coupled with its fine craftsmanship makes this chain truly one of a kind. The chain can be worn by itself or with a pendant or charm. It is suitable for daily wear or special occasions. The chain is carefully inspected and packed in an elegant Nuragold box, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Choosing Chain Length
18in to 20in is the standard length for most women. The 16in length is great for children or young teens but can also be worn above the collarbone on an average sized woman, while the 18in chain will fall just below the collarbone. A longer 20in will likely fall just above the bust, and a 24in chain will fall on the bust.

Rope Chains
The rope chain consists of several small oval links forming a twisting pattern to produce a flexible, woven gold rope design. Tiny, precise diamond cuts are applied to exude extra luster and brilliance. The spiraling rope chain is one of the most classic and popular chain styles for both men and women, driving the perfect combination of elegance and edge.

Nuragold 14k White Gold 1.5mm Rope Chain Diamond Cut Womens Ligh

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