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Jovono Boho Turtle OFFicial Anklets Beaded Bracelets Direct store Rope Anklet Braided

Jovono Boho Turtle Anklets Beaded Braided Rope Anklet Bracelets


Jovono Boho Turtle Anklets Beaded Braided Rope Anklet Bracelets

Product description

Jovono Ankle Accessories are perfect for any formal occasion.
Detailed bracelet is added to highlight its effect on the simple style and to glam up any updo.
It is suitable for beach,wedding, parties, evening, special occasions, gift or casual wearing.

The color may be minor different from the picture because of the photograph.

Product Information
gt;gt;gt;Color:show as pictures.
gt;gt;gt;Size:24 cm+5 cm extension
gt;gt;gt;Suitable Season:4 Seasons
gt;gt;gt;Ideal for Wedding amp; Evening, Party amp; Casual.

Package Includes:
2 * Exquisite Bangle Anklet in Individual Clear Plastic Bags

Handling Time:
Arrange the shipment within 24 hours.
Two Shipping Method:
FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon):Receive the item within 2 days.
FBM(Fulfillment By Merchant):Receive the item within 15 days.

Return Policy:
30-day money back guarantee.
Dear customers, if you want to refund, please keep the package unworn amp; unused.Many appreciate for your kindness.

1.Avoid Chemicals.
2.Avoid Bath.
3.Avoid Crash.
4.Avoid Sweet.
5.Avoid Humidity.
6.Wipe with Soft Cloth.
7.Well Save.
8.Substitute Wearing.

If you have any questions such as product description, return policy and shipping instructions, email me for details.

Jovono Boho Turtle Anklets Beaded Braided Rope Anklet Bracelets

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