$9 2Pcs PVC Surfboard Vent Hole Plug Paddle Board Vent Hole Surfing Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation 2Pcs PVC Fees free!! Surfboard Vent Hole Board Surfing Plug Paddle Paddle,/alloisomer433542.html,Hole,Board,wesharescience.com,Plug,Vent,$9,Surfboard,Vent,Hole,PVC,Surfing,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,2Pcs 2Pcs PVC Fees free!! Surfboard Vent Hole Board Surfing Plug Paddle Paddle,/alloisomer433542.html,Hole,Board,wesharescience.com,Plug,Vent,$9,Surfboard,Vent,Hole,PVC,Surfing,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,2Pcs $9 2Pcs PVC Surfboard Vent Hole Plug Paddle Board Vent Hole Surfing Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

2Pcs PVC Fees free Super-cheap Surfboard Vent Hole Board Surfing Plug Paddle

2Pcs PVC Surfboard Vent Hole Plug Paddle Board Vent Hole Surfing


2Pcs PVC Surfboard Vent Hole Plug Paddle Board Vent Hole Surfing

Product description

【Apply to】The exhaust valve is used for stand-up paddleboards, surfboards, boats, etc.
【Screw-in design】The surfboard automatic exhaust valve adopts a screw-in design, a plug gear, and a better sealing.
【UV resistant】The exhaust valve is light, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, durable and strong.
【Easy to install】The exhaust valve is easy to install and disassemble and simple to use.
【Protect the surfboard】The exhaust valve is made of high-quality PVC, waterproof and dustproof, to protect the surfboard.

Condition: 100% brand new
Item type: Vent Hole
Material: PVC
Optional Color: black, white
Bottom outer diameter: Approx. 27mm/1.1in
Top outer diameter: Approx. 32mm/1.3in
Weight: Approx. 14g

2Pcs PVC Surfboard Vent Hole Plug Paddle Board Vent Hole Surfing


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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