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EFORCAR NEW Bike Tail Light USB Bicycle Cheap mail order shopping Rear Rechargeable LED

EFORCAR Bike Tail Light,USB Rechargeable LED Bicycle Rear Light


EFORCAR Bike Tail Light,USB Rechargeable LED Bicycle Rear Light

Product Description

Our EFORCAR bicycle lights is a must for you if you want to cycling after dark.

Whether you’re riding busy roads or dark paths,it can make you visible against a background of stoplights and neon signs.

  • Features:
  • Material:PC
  • Size:as photo show
  • Weight:45g(net weight),80g(gross weight)
  • Light source:COB light beads
  • Light color:red,blue,white
  • Power:1W
  • Lithium battery:15LB
  • Battery:500mAh lithium battery
  • Charging time:2 hours
  • Use time:6 hours
  • Protection level:IPX4
  • Working temperature:-10℃~50℃
EFORCAR Bike Tail Light

Easy to Use:

  • 1.Short press the switch in the off state, the light will be on
  • 2.When the light is on, short press the switch once to turn to another flash mode.
  • 3.If there is no operation within 5 seconds, the next short press will turn off the light.It will also remember the current flash mode.
  • 4.In the case of continuous operation, long press the switch to turn off the light.

Installation Method:

  • 1.Mount the taillight on the silicone mounting strap.
  • 2.Untie the strap.
  • 3.Fasten the strap to the bike frame.
  • 4.The installation is completed.

Please Note:

  • 1.Please read the user manual before using.
  • 2.Do not look directly at the light.
  • 3.Do not use when it is charging.
  • 4.If the surface is dirty, use a soft cotton swab with soapy water to dry the surface. Do not immerse the lamp in water when cleaning.

EFORCAR Bike Tail Light,USB Rechargeable LED Bicycle Rear Light


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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