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We Share Science is a place to share, search, and discuss today's research.  

We Share Science 101

A pin starts with a video you add to We Share Science. You can add a video (for example, from YouTube, Vimeo, or a University website) using the web address, or Share It button.   Any pin already on We Share Science can be repinned into a new notebook, and all pins link back to their original source.
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A notebook is where you organize your favorite videos by topic. You can collect videos that are influencing your research, or keep video abstracts about your research to share with others. You can also invite people to add their favorite videos with you in any of your notebooks. 
When you follow someone, their new video pins will show up on your home feed when you login.  You can follow all of someone's notebooks or just the notebooks that interest you most. You can unfollow anyone at anytime, and nobody will be notified.

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You can create video abstracts in just four steps using our easy tool.  Create video abstracts summarizing your research, or the research of others. If you prefer, you can upload a video abstract to YouTube from your webcam or video camera.

The Share It button lets you easily share videos you find on websites or blogs as you surf the Internet. Quickly add it to your browser's bookmarks toolbar and you are ready to go.


Science Fairs

If you, or your organization, is interested in using the WeShareScience platform to conduct a Science Fair as part of a professional conference or student event, please contact us to learn more about how we can help you create new and innovative approaches to sharing research. 

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About Us

We Share Science is focused on the application of social-media technologies for the sharing of research across disciplines.  We Share Science currently offers two services for achieving these ambitions: a social-media platform for sharing research, and an annual international online science fair. In the future we also plan to offer web analytic services to inform decisions of organizations that offer service (e.g., professional associations) to researchers across disciplines in the social and physical sciences.


We Share Science is a place for you.  If you have ideas for how to improve the site please email us at [email protected].