Smart Watch Selling AGPTEK 1.69" 43mm Smartwatch P and for iOS Android Smart Watch Selling AGPTEK 1.69" 43mm Smartwatch P and for iOS Android $32 Smart Watch, AGPTEK 1.69"(43mm) Smartwatch for Android and iOS P Electronics Wearable Technology $32 Smart Watch, AGPTEK 1.69"(43mm) Smartwatch for Android and iOS P Electronics Wearable Technology Smart,Electronics , Wearable Technology,and,Watch,,1.69"(43mm),/Gaucho587977.html,for,Android,,iOS,P,$32,AGPTEK,Smartwatch Smart,Electronics , Wearable Technology,and,Watch,,1.69"(43mm),/Gaucho587977.html,for,Android,,iOS,P,$32,AGPTEK,Smartwatch

Smart Watch Selling AGPTEK 1.69

Smart Watch, AGPTEK 1.69"(43mm) Smartwatch for Android and iOS P


Smart Watch, AGPTEK 1.69"(43mm) Smartwatch for Android and iOS P

Product Description



1.69-inch HD Screen. All your info, right here in clarity.

Personalized Watch Faces. Wear your taste and personality on your wrist.

Optimize Your Sleep. Automatically track your sleep at every stage of sleep (light, deep and wake up) to assist you to improve your sleeping quality.

Never Miss A Thing. Notifications of calls, messages, emails, and social Apps, or even alarm, timer, and stopwatch. FOR WHATSAPP, due to the system settings of Whatsapp itself, only one message reminder can be displayed on the watch every day, and the specific content can only be seen by tapping into WhatsApp on the mobile phone.

Get Fitter, Get Better. Supports 11 sports modes. Pick your favorite sport, and push you further towards your goal.

You Have A Buddy. Want to know your everyday steps, distance, calorie burns, or active time? Just bring the AGPTEK Smartwatch and off you go.

Live Free, Splash Away. Get Wet? No Problem! Enjoy your workout in the rain or shallow swimming pool.



Display: 1.69’’(43mm) TFT Full Touch Color Screen

Resolution: 240*280

Working time: about 7-10 days

Size: Watchband: 20mm/0.79in width; Distance of charging points: 2.5mm /0.1in

Bluetooth Effective Distance: 8-10m



1. The waterproof function is not permanently effective, and the protective performance may be reduced due to daily wear and tear. DO NOT OPERATE the watch underwater, and please wipe it off immediately after swimming/wet.

2. DO NOT use in the bath, sauna, hot spring, or other environments with corrosive liquid and hot steam, which will lead to product failure.

3. The watch's case is made of metal (Zinc Alloy). Those who are allergic to metal should pay more attention before buying the watch. If you have any discomfort after wearing it, please take off it in time and con-tact us to return it.

4. When there is a software update prompt on the APP, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest software version for a better experience! If you have any question, you can directly send feedback to our technician on the App (Profile - Feedback amp; Suggestions - Send)

1 1 Smartwatch 1 1
Black Pink Pink Black Blue
Screen Size 1.69inch/43mm 1.69inch/43mm 1.3inch/33mm 1.3inch/33mm 1.3inch/33mm
Waterproof Standard IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68
Multi-sport mode
All-day Activity Tracking
Call amp; Message Reminder
Bluetooth Distance 8-10 meters 8-10 meters 8-10 meters 8-10 meters 8-10 meters

Smart Watch, AGPTEK 1.69"(43mm) Smartwatch for Android and iOS P

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amsterdam-rotterdam is the first european hyperloop network route
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milan, new york, beijing, tokyo,  since 1999