RYLOS Mens Rings Sterling SilverRing Ony With sale Diamonds Black and RYLOS Mens Rings Sterling SilverRing Ony With sale Diamonds Black and With,$104,Black,SilverRing,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Rings,Sterling,and,Ony,Diamonds,Mens,/Evodia790496.html,RYLOS,wesharescience.com $104 RYLOS Mens Rings Sterling SilverRing With Diamonds and Black Ony Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $104 RYLOS Mens Rings Sterling SilverRing With Diamonds and Black Ony Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men With,$104,Black,SilverRing,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Rings,Sterling,and,Ony,Diamonds,Mens,/Evodia790496.html,RYLOS,wesharescience.com

RYLOS Mens Rings San Antonio Mall Sterling SilverRing Ony With sale Diamonds Black and

RYLOS Mens Rings Sterling SilverRing With Diamonds and Black Ony


RYLOS Mens Rings Sterling SilverRing With Diamonds and Black Ony

Product description

RYLOS Designer DAD Ring With Diamonds and Black Onyx Set in Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Plated Silver .925*Available in your choice of Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Plated Silver, in sizes 8-13. If you do not see the variant that you are interested in please message.*Care Instructions: Avoid getting any fragrance on your jewelry, putting on your pieces after you've sprayed any perfume/Cologne to avoid it interacting with the metal is recommended. Wait to put your jewelry on until your moisturizer is absorbed. Do not wear your jewelry while exercising, swimming or showering. Wipe your jewelry gently after wearing it with a very soft cloth or cotton ball to remove buildup of dust or dirt. If possible, keep it stored in a zipper bag away from sun when not wearing to extend its life and reduce premature tarnishing or fading. For more information and for warranty information please contact us.All our diamond suppliers certify that to their best knowledge their diamonds are not conflict diamonds. The total diamond carat weight listed is approximate. Variances may be up to 0.05 Carats - 5% of the total weight. The natural properties and composition of gemstones define the unique beauty of each piece. The image may show slight differences to the actual stone in color and texture. Color Stones may have been treated or simulated. The total Color Stone Weight is approximate. Variances may be up to 10%. If being shipped outside of the United States you may incur additional taxes and duties that you will be responsible for.

RYLOS Mens Rings Sterling SilverRing With Diamonds and Black Ony

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