5-Minute Science Fair

The 5-Minute Science Fair competition will be the first online global “science fair”. The competition will invite international researchers, across numerous disciplines, to participate by submitting short (5 minutes max.) narrated video presentations about their research. The 5-Minute Science Fair is not designed to trivialize or “dumb-down” research, but rather encourage researchers to consolidate their ideas, crystalize their research discoveries, and share those broadly with the world.

Winning entries for the 2014 science fair are linked below.  Please check back soon for information on next year's science fair.


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Prizes "Best in Fair" Prizes: 

Prizes "Social Media" Prizes: 

  • $1000 Most Facebook Likes, $1000 Most Tweets (see details below)

Prizes "Discipline or Topic Specific" Prizes: 

Gender-Based Violence

  • $500 for most Facebook Likes to attend the Community College Cyber Summit conference in July or the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education workshop in September, and 1 hour of mentoring with cybersecurity expert
  • $500 for most Tweets to to attend the Community College Cyber Summit conference in July or the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education workshop in September, and 1 hour of mentoring with cybersecurity expert
  • Most combined Facebook Likes and Tweets in category wins 1 FREE SEAT in a cybersecurity professional development course (class, date, and location TBD)
  • Sponsored by the National CyberWatch Center
  • See details below on how Facebook Likes and Tweets will be counted
  • To be eligible for prizes you must complete the entry form at the bottom of this page

Your Discipline?
  • Please check back to see if your discipline or research area is sponsored


Our current partners for the 2014 5-Minute Science Fair are...

Diamond Sponsor ($7500 or more for Science Fair prizes)

Platinum Sponsors ($1500 or more for Science Fair prizes)

wiley     GWI


Gold Partners (in-kind assistance)

Wits    GWU

If your organization is interested in being a partner for the 2013 5-Minute Science Fair please contact us at WeShareScience@gmail.com.  A variety of partnership opportunities are available, including sponsorship of discipline specific prizes.

Judging Criteria

Presentation – Did the video clearly and concisely describe the research methods, findings, and applications?  [20%]

Comprehension -- Did the video help the viewers understand the research (including the methods, findings, and applications)? [30%]

Innovation – Does the research help to significantly advance the discipline (e.g., technically, theoretically, methodologically)? [20%]

Application – Does the research have practical applications (e.g., for society, for business, for other disciplines, for other researchers)? [30%]

The viewers’ choice prizes are based on the combined total number of “repins” and “likes” within www.WeShareScience.com as of June 1, 2014.

The Facebook Likes prize is based on the total number of “likes” for the video entry on Facebook as shown to the right of the video when it is being played on www.WeShareScience.com as of June 1, 2014.

The Tweets prize is based on the total number of Tweets on Twitter with the URL for the entry video (for example, http://wesharescience.com/pin/415) as of June 1, 2014 and counted by JoydeepDeb (which includes "retweets" by friends).


1. Video presentations are limited to a maximum of 5 minutes. Submissions exceeding 5 minutes are automatically disqualified (with a 10 second grace period for turning on and off the recorder).

2. All submissions must be pinned to www.WeShareScience.com and have a completed entry form (below) by June 1, 2014.

3. Presentations are to be spoken word (e.g., no poems, raps or songs).

4. All decisions of the review panel are final. 

5. You can submit multiple entries and all entries, regardless of discipline or topic, are considered in the "Best in Fair" competition.  Only entries that indicate a specific discipline or topic area in the Entry Form will be eligible for prizes in those areas.  Entries may win more than one prize in total, but not more than one prize in the "Best of Fair" or any specific discipline or topic.

6. All winning entries will be required to provide documentation validating the authenticity of the research.

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